Community engagement

Web page: Providing Information to and Training for Families

This guide offers insight on how schools can go about designing a communications plan to engage families and build awareness about their roles in digital learning.

Guide: School Leader Digital Learning Guide

This guide, developed by the US Office of Educational Technology, supports school leaders to plan, fund, implement, maintain, and adapt digital learning programs. It emphasizes digital learning leadership; infrastructure; personalized learning for students; and collaboration with parents and families.

Tip: Pages 29 – 33 contain strategies, reflection questions and resources on collaborating with parents and families to support learners.

Guide: Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide

This guide is geared towards parents and caregivers, including those who have limited experience with digital tools. It covers steps to create a digital learning environment for children: (1) identifying their needs, (2) engaging with teachers, (3) securing access to learning devices and the internet and (4) ensuring a child’s safety and privacy online.

Web page: Helping caregivers foster learning at home in Kenya

EdTech Hub partnered with the Keep Kenya Learning (KKL) team to answer the question, “what’s the best way to engage and support caregivers so that they effectively foster learning at home?” This web page shares lessons learned on caregiver engagement, for example through conducting surveys and responding to challenges based on the community’s context.

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