Country-Level Research Review: EdTech in Ghana

Executive summary

This document presents a review of the research landscape in Ghana in relation to EdTech research focused at the level of school-based education (not including higher education). The search strategy identified research literature, policy documents, grey literature, and communications with key experts and stakeholders. A growing body of relevant EdTech research is identified to have been undertaken in Ghana. After undertaking searches for relevant literature since 2007, 132 research articles or papers were identified for inclusion. The review provides an overview of trends in this literature in addition to identifying key actors and projects. It also considers how existing research on EdTech in Ghana relates to five research topics that will be the focus of future EdTech Hub research. In combination with political economy analysis, the research identifies potential areas for new research which would be practical and likely to have high impact.


This review provides an overview of EdTech research in and about Ghana in order to understand the opportunities for carrying out further research in the country and how the EdTech Hub can collaborate with researchers, practitioners, and policymakers most effectively. The report will be important for researchers in Ghana and the surrounding region, as well as for EdTech implementers seeking to understand what evidence exists and what is needed. Through analysis of existing literature, discussions with key stakeholders and experts, and analysis of the broader political economy, the gaps in evidence which have the highest potential for impact on education are identified to inform future research priorities. With regard to the use of EdTech in Ghana, these priorities will also serve more broadly to foster and sustain conversation within a community of practice and learning shared by education stakeholders.

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