Curriculum and content

How can I find and evaluate Open Educational Resources (OER)?

Web page: Vetting Open Educational Resources Guidance

This resource lists factors to consider while evaluating open educational resources (OER), such as defining learning outcomes, and thinking about learners’ needs.

Resource pack: Open Educational Resources in Africa: A Curated Resource List

This list offers a list of open educational resources that can be used in the sub-Saharan African context. It identifies examples that focus on teacher education and mass media and online content for learners.

What are the steps to create a curriculum?

Web page: Curriculum Mapping Basics

This set of flashcards takes the reader through the steps in curriculum mapping like defining purpose, creating goals and defining program and learning outcomes. 

Web page: Basics of Backwards Design

This set of virtual flashcards gives educators a glimpse into the fundamentals of backward design, such as setting learning goals and creating assessments.  Backwards design examines learning goals and assessments first, before thinking about activities and structure.

How do I approach content curation?

Guide: Deploying an e-learning environment in Zanzibar: Digital content curation

This comprehensive guide gives insight into the digital content curation process from identifying content sources, creating a skills taxonomy, to contextualizing content and aligning it to curriculum.

Tip: See Table 4 on page 14 for considerations when selecting a content source.

Web page: Creating digitally accessible curricular materials

This resource shares guidance on how to make curricular materials accessible to all learners through checking for lexile level and grammar.

Guide: A work plan for content curation

This workplan provides information for content curation and mapping it to a subject and grade level. It outlines the process to be followed for curating content starting from training workshops, creating skills taxonomies to publishing content and monitoring progress.

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