Digital learning apps and platforms

What digital tools and platforms are available?

Report: Remote learning, distance education and online learning during the COVID19 pandemic

This resource list includes resources and platforms that could be used to support remote learning. The selection has been driven by prioritizing resources and solutions that are free (or freemium), offline friendly or are available in more than one language (especially beyond, English).

Database: EdTechTools 

Curated by EdTech Hub in partnership with Generation Unlimited (GU), UNESCO and UNESCO-UNEVOC, this database contains resources and tools that support remote learning.

Database: EdDataTools

This database crowdsources data technologies for Education in Emergencies (EiE). It maps various technologies identified from a research study led by FHI 360 under the USAID Middle East Education Research, Training & Support (MEERS) initiative.

Web page: Distance learning solutions

This page contains a list of distance learning solutions curated by UNESCO. The solutions are organized by multiple categories such as: resources to provide psychosocial support, systems with strong offline functionality, and Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms. 

Tip: The bottom of the web page includes additional external repositories of distance learning solutions.

Web page: Curated Tools for Teacher Professional Development

EdTech Hub has created curated lists of teacher professional development (TPD) tools along with evidenced-based advice on how to effectively use them. EdTech tools have been sorted into three categories: (1) tools to develop teaching knowledge and skills, (2) tools for lesson planning and (3) tools for communication and collaboration.

Web page: Online Education Platforms and Resources 

This page contains a list of learning platforms and resources available in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Database: EdTech companies in Sub-Saharan Africa 

This database contains detailed information (products, partnerships, target countries, etc.) on over 200+ EdTech companies in sub-Saharan Africa. Companies are invited to add their intervention to the database using a survey link. The database is curated by EdTech East Africa, the Center for Education Innovations and EdTech Hub.

How can I evaluate e-learning companies?

Web page: Evaluation Centre Catalogue

This website contains a catalog of nine EdTech products evaluated by the organization EdTech Tulna. These products fall within the categories of: personalized adaptive learning (PAL), digital classroom (DCR) and interactive audio-visual (IAV) solutions. 

Web page: Vetting E-Learning Companies 

These virtual flashcards list out various steps for evaluating e-learning companies, including: reading company reviews, sifting through e-learning outlets and blogs, and checking for current partnerships.

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