Product Manager, EdTech Hub

The EdTech Hub is seeking an experienced full-time product manager for a period of approximately 4 months starting immediately. There is the potential that the role will continue into a longer-term role.

The EdTech Hub is building digital services to give education decision-makers access to advice and evidence about the use of technology in education. Planned features include an interactive “EdTech Playbook” that will get users to the information that is right for them given their context, a filterable database of EdTech tools and initiatives, and basic pages for sharing content in blog and other static formats.

We are seeking a product manager with 5+ years of experience. The product manager will work with the team to create the vision for the EdTech Hub’s digital services, and set the day-to-day priorities to fulfil that vision and ensure the team delivers. We are interested in product managers who have experience conducting user research.

The product manager leads the vision for the service and sets the day-to-day priorities for the team. They need to have a good understanding of user needs, organizational goals and stakeholder priorities. Ultimately, the product manager has the decision-making authority to deliver on all aspects of the service. They are responsible for the development, operation and continual improvement of the service.

Essential attributes of product manager:

  • Can dedicate 100% of their time and brain to understanding and articulating the problems the team is trying to solve
  • Is bold and not constrained by old ways of thinking such as ‘that’s the way we do things around here’
  • Understands the users and can interpret/articulate their functional and emotional needs
  • Can think conceptually (and can possibly quickly sketch the concept rather than document it!)
  • Can simplify things and avoids jargon
  • Is trustworthy, can lead the team and coach others

If you…

  • …have a track record of developing business cases and delivery plans for products that have had significant reach and impact
  • …have experience of leading the development, release and continuous improvement of digital products through different stages of delivery
  • …have proficiency in agile product management techniques, such as writing user stories, prioritizing backlogs, developing roadmaps, and reporting against success metrics
  • …have the ability to coordinate and motivate a multidisciplinary team of digital professionals, with experience of having worked in similar roles and teams previously
  • …have the capability to communicate persuasively through a variety channels – such as webinars, blog posts and product demos – with a range of audiences
  • …have the habits of being organized, taking action, learning through doing and helping others to achieve their goals

Then this position may be the perfect fit for you! Interested? Please submit a CV and cover letter to and be sure to include any links to your work portfolio. Also include your daily rate and availability. We will begin reviewing applications and scheduling interviews with qualified candidates as soon as we receive them, so don’t delay!

We are open to product managers based anywhere in the world, with a preference for London or Washington, DC, where Hub core partners are based.