Jusoor’s WhatsApp-Assisted Learning Programme

Sprint Review 1

The story so far

Jusoor, Syria’s refugee education programme has helped thousands of displaced Syrian children continue their education out of Syria. In response to Covid-19, Jusoor has shifted to offering education via WhatsApp, supplemented by some ‘take-home’ learning packets, to ensure children can keep learning. However, the effectiveness of the WhatsApp platform and the best approach to implementation is relatively unknown.

The Sandbox aims to understand the role WhatsApp messaging can play in providing effective education to refugee children during Covid-19 and build evidence of what works to scale this model to other out-of-school children.

Our hypothesis

If we provide lessons, assignments, and psychosocial support via WhatsApp to out-of-school refugee children at the primary level and engage their caregivers, then children will be able to continue learning, so that they have a greater chance of accessing formal education in the future.

Sprint 1 was exploratory, with a series of activities to build a better understanding of the most costly elements of the programme, the barriers to engagement, and assess the likelihood of the current programme having a positive impact on learning outcomes.  

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