Navigating the ‘Data Revolution’

A Case Study on the One Tablet Per School Programme in Sierra Leone

Introduction and context

In September 2020, Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) approached EdTech Hub to seek technical support with the design of the One Tablet Per School programme. A core component of the One Tablet Per School programme focuses on collecting dynamic school-level data — teacher registration, student enrolment, teacher and student attendance, Covid-19 cases — to inform programming and policy decisions. In this context, EdTech Hub embedded a team member within the MBSSE’s Delivery Unit to support the development of this data system. The MBSSE established the Delivery Unit in August 2020 to strengthen the government’s implementation capacity and to monitor progress toward education policy priorities.

This report provides an initial self-assessment of the impact of our technical support after three months. EdTech Hub conducts these assessments to see how we can better support our partners and improve our overall approach to technical support. When preparing the report, we used outcome harvesting to identify observable and significant contributions that EdTech Hub has made to the development of the One Tablet Per School programme.

The report begins with background information on education data systems and the One Tablet Per School programme. The following sections provide an overview of our methodological approach, outline key findings from the assessment and discuss the impact of EdTech Hub’s technical support. The report concludes with practical considerations on the implementation of education data systems.

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