Online safety and data protection

What are some good practices and guidelines to support child online protection?

Web page: Child online protection 

This web page lists International Telecommunication Union (ITU) guidelines on Child Online Protection (COP). The guidelines are a set of recommendations for policymakers, parents and educators on how to contribute to a safe online environment for children. Additionally, it provides an online course for children called ‘Sango’ about staying safe online.

Toolkit: Global Kids Online

This toolkit, developed by country partners and experts, provides qualitative and quantitative tools, and method guides for researchers to be better equipped to investigate online risks and opportunities. The method guides include case studies, best practices and examples of surveys to conduct interviews and focus groups with children.

Report: Child Safety Online – Global challenges and strategies 

This report provides an overview of the current online environment for children and ways in which a safe environment can be created. It outlines relevant international law and enforcement agencies, in addition to how harmful material can be removed from the internet and ways in which rehabilitation can be facilitated for children who have experienced harm. 

Brief: Child Online Protection 

This advocacy brief outlines key steps that can be taken by national governments, businesses, parents, educators and children to create a safe online environment. It also mentions international best practices and initiatives at each of these levels to safeguard the rights of children online.

How can I ensure data security and protection for all users, including children?

Report: OpenEMIS Data Security Practices

This report lists ways in which government agencies can implement data security measures while using education management systems. This involves security measures and best practices at the software and network level.

Report: Encryption, Privacy and Children’s Right to Protection from Harm 

This report describes challenges and opportunities related to child data protection and ways in which encryption technology can be used. It provides pros and cons of using end-to-end encryption in data privacy.

Web page: Good governance of children’s data 

This page offers guidance on how policy needs can be designed for data protection. It provides a framework that outlines benchmarks to inform the private sector, international organizations and governments about data governance and children’s rights.

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