Open Educational Resources in Africa

A curated resource list

a woman and girl smiling and using mobile phones
Photo credit: Rising Academy Network

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Open Education Resources (OER) represent a crucial means to support the continuation of learning in both formal and informal settings (⇡UNESCO, 2020).

Document purpose

This curated list defines open educational resources, offers background on open-source licensing, and provides a review of OER that can be used in the sub-Saharan African context. This document does not intend to set out a comprehensive list of OER used by teachers, students, parents or other stakeholders; rather, this document will identify exemplars of OER that focus on: 

  • reaching marginalised learners through offline or online content; 
  • reaching marginalised learners through mass media;
  • using OER for teacher education; 
  • providing further useful information around implementing OER.
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