Programming tools and resources for digital learning

Digital learning encompasses the use of technology (low-tech and high-tech) in teaching and learning practices. In the midst of a global learning crisis exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, technology can serve as an effective means to facilitate student learning.

This web page compiles digital learning resources that can be used by education development partners, decision-makers and governments. These resources have been curated for a diversity of programming contexts, focused on low- and middle-income countries and marginalized learners. Select resources from high-income country contexts are also included when practical or relevant for LMIC contexts. This compilation includes resources that will be of use to those who are just starting to work on digital learning, as well as others who are more experienced in this space. This page is jointly developed and maintained by EdTech Hub and UNICEF.

Below we have outlined 7 key categories of digital learning. Under each category, you will find a list of questions and relevant resources, sorted by complexity and granularity. Feel free to jump to the categories that interest you most.

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