Asma Zubairi

EdTech Hub

Brief info

Role: I am a Country Lead with Shakil for Bangladesh at EdTech Hub and work mainly in the “Systems” theme. I am interested in what role EdTech can play in improving educational access and learning for those children most at risk of falling behind. My work in the Hub is very much concerned with generating evidence about the extent to which technology can help the most disadvantaged children.

Background: Prior to my current role at EdTech Hub, I completed a PhD at the University of Cambridge on the impact of Malawi’s political settlement on teacher management. Alongside my PhD I also led and co-authored pieces of research focusing on equitable education systems for organisations such as the Mastercard Foundation, Malala Fund, and the Education Commission. Prior to starting my PhD I was employed at UNESCO, working for the Global Education Monitoring Report (GEMR). My in-country experience has involved working both as an ODI Fellow and providing Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Education in Malawi.

Fun Fact: Love long hikes, tennis and hula hooping. Equally fond of binge watching a Netflix series. 

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