Caitlin Moss Coflan


Brief info

Role: My role is ‘air traffic control’ for the Helpdesk and our engagement work. I review  EdTech requests from decision-makers and figure out how to respond. I love that my job involves pulling on the right expertise from across the Hub, including the Specialist Network. I’m passionate about bringing evidence into education decision-making processes to support people to make well-informed choices.

Background: My previous work has spanned education and innovation, including: support to the International Development Innovation Alliance, 2017 - 2020 evaluations of the Global Partnership for Education in Mozambique and the Kyrgyz Republic, qualitative research on scaling education innovations, girls’ education, and more. 

Fun Fact: I started my career teaching English to Grade 7 students in a rural part of Yunnan, China, an experience that left me with deep appreciation of rural teachers, a couple of phrases of Yunnanese dialect, and an enduring love of rice noodles.

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