Jay Thakrar


Brief info

Role: I am the Hub’s Project Manager for the FCDO-funded adaptive project to support the Government of Tanzania. I am responsible for leading implementation planning, procurement and contracting across the workstreams, managing the budget, facilitating reflection/iteration of project activities and supporting the tracking, analysing and reporting of progress. I work closely with the Head of Operations, Director of Engagement and the Tanzania Country Lead as well as other members of the project team.

Background: My background is in finance and education; the former has included auditing, corporate finance investigations and management consultancy and the latter teaching, teacher training and curriculum development. Over the last decade I have worked on a number of FCDO-funded programmes, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, and have been developing a research interest in the praxis of adaptive programming.

Fun Fact: When teaching in India, I slept through an earthquake (thankfully no one was injured) and so I asked my students to reenact their experience, which they were very happy to do!

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