Molly Jamieson Eberhardt Engagement Director


Brief info

Role: I am the Director of Engagement at EdTech Hub, leading our work to build partnerships at the country and global level. Our engagement work is focused on working hand-in-hand with decision-makers to bring evidence to their planning processes. We work to ensure the uptake of Hub research, ultimately improving the use of technology to increase learning for the most marginalised.

Background: I started my career as a 7th grade math teacher; it was in my classroom that I was motivated to learn about how school systems and their stewards could better share the most effective teaching approaches, so that each teacher was supported and empowered. That kick-started my career in building research partnerships to evaluate and improve education programs.

Fun Fact: My sons and I conduct rigorous (and not so rigorous) EdTech user-research on a daily basis as we find, test, ditch, and become addicted to new shows and apps.

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