Nora McIntyre

University of Cambridge

Brief info

Role:  I am a senior research associate based at the University of Cambridge. My expertise is in quantitative and mixed methods analysis of data from process-tracing (e.g. video, eye movements, heart rate) and self-report (e.g. surveys and interviews) techniques. I take an emphatic interest in socio-emotion, culture-specific experiences and their roles in classroom learning. I love to use tech and am fascinated by its role in supporting education in the moment. 

Background: I completed an educational psychology PhD on the methodological affordances of eye-tracking for the investigation of culture-specific teacher effectiveness. In postdoctoral research, I have conducted a systematic review and big data analysis that takes an ecological and longitudinal perspective on child mental health. I have also examined the relationship between adult mental health, motivation and workplace satisfaction. 

Fun Fact: I love electronic music and food is supremely important to me.

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