Building EdTech Evidence and Research – ‘BETER’

What is BETER?

Building EdTech Evidence and Research – BETER – is a Working Group of the most influential organisations and individuals undertaking or providing funding for:

Research about EdTech in low and middle income countries, published as a global public goods.

The purpose of BETER is to build on the participants’ comparative advantages to:

  • Help co-ordinate the global EdTech research response to COVID-19 and in the longer term;
  • Give visibility to the EdTech research work which is ongoing, both to the group and to the wider education policy sector;
  • Catalyse important further research and strategic work where required, through different members and joint collaborations.

BETER areas of joint work

At the BETER meeting on 18th May 2020 the group decided to take forward the following areas of joint work.
EdTech research mapping
  • Description: Mapping ongoing or recently published research. The group is currently conducting a rapid evidence review of EdTech literature related to emergencies
  • Next step: Database to be updated after rapid evidence review has taken place. A systematic review will be published and publicly available on the EdTech Hub website.
  • Update 28/09: COVID EdTech Research Mapping
Aligning COVID Surveys
  • Description: Identifying the most important 3 or 4 education survey questions to align across surveys
  • Next step: Drafted a technical report that outlines the methodology adopted to identify eight standardised questions to be included in future surveys. The group is also collecting survey data from COVID surveys to conduct comparative analysis of data where appropriate.
Mapping COVID Surveys
  • Description: Mapping ongoing education COVID surveys
  • Next step: This group has been combined with the above ‘aligning COVID surveys’ group.
  • Update 19/06: COVID Survey Mapping

The next BETER meeting

Next meeting to be held on Monday 20th of September 2021 at 1pm UK time.

Get in contact

The secretariat for the group is run by Digital Pathways at Oxford, University of Oxford:

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Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

Connect with Us​

Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

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