Resources to inform COVID-19 response

Insight and resources about how EdTech can support out-of-school learning during these challenging times.

Just announced: Read our first Rapid Evidence Review: Refugee Education and EdTech (22nd June)

The EdTech Hub aims to increase the use of evidence to inform decision-making about education technology.

“Learning poverty” is a new measure introduced by the World Bank to measure the proportion of children who by age ten cannot read a simple text. Today, a shocking 89% of children in low-income countries fall into this category. Current projections show that by 2030, under a business-as-usual scenario, this rate will only fall to 43%. 

Technology has the potential to help address this global learning crisis. But that potential is not yet being realised. To accelerate progress, the EdTech Hub will synthesize existing evidence, conduct new research, support innovations to scale, and provide advisory support to governments and other country partners.