We are a global research partnership

Our goal is to empower people by giving them the evidence they need to make decisions about technology in education

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Our topic areas for evidence

We are uniquely positioned to deliver evidence around these key areas of impact in EdTech

Data for Decisions
Digital Personalised Learning (DPL)
Girls’ Education & Technology
Participation & Messaging
Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD)

Country focus

We work directly with governments and partners in six countries

EdTech Hub

Introducing our
Research Portfolio

Thirteen studies exploring some of the
most pressing design, implementation,
and analysis questions facing the EdTech
community today.


Latest evidence

Engaging Girls with E-Learning: A curated list of good practices
Voices and Evidence from End-Users of the GLTV and GLRRP Remote Learning Programme in Ghana: Insights for inclusive policy and programming
Integration of Technology in Education for Marginalised Children in an Urban Slum of Dhaka City During the Covid-19 Pandemic
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