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Covid-19 response
Supporting learning through the pandemic

Girls’ education
Ensuring equity in access and learning
Refugee education
Learning for displaced children
Personalised learning
Better outcomes through tailored instruction
Special education needs and disabilities
Learning for children with SEND
TV, Radio, and SMS for distance learning
Low-tech solutions for interactive education
EdTech Hub

What we do

EdTech Hub is a global non-profit research partnership.
Our goal is to empower people by giving them the evidence they need to make decisions about technology in education.

We review existing evidence and conduct new research in low and middle-income countries.
We match promising technology with locations that need them, then test and improve.
We advise country-level decision-makers and build partnerships for long-term support.

EdTech Hub’s response

Since the global pandemic disrupted education around the world, we've been helping decision-makers tackle unprecedented challenges.

Sandboxes to test Covid-19 response efforts
5-step approach for Covid-19 response planning
New access to Open Educational Resources
The EdTech Hub Helpdesk responds to 70+ requests
Partnerships with eKitabu, Learning Equality, and Rising Academies
Database of EdTech tools
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