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About EdTech Hub

Our goal is to empower people making decisions about technology in education. 

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the global learning crisis was affecting millions of children around the world.

Technology could play a huge role in helping to solve this crisis, if used appropriately. 

There are thousands of tools, products, services, and ideas for using technology in education. New ones appear almost every day. For decision-makers, the choices can be overwhelming. The EdTech Hub takes away that burden. 

We do the research, to rigorous academic standards. We try out new ideas by supporting innovators. We advise partners as they plan and implement education programs, finding the right role for technology.

With EdTech Hub’s help, decision-makers inside and outside government can benefit from free access to high quality professional research and advice.

Current Opportunities

Communications Director (R4D)/Director of Impact Communications, EdTech Hub

Position Summary
  • Directs and is responsible for the execution of an impact communication strategy that prioritizes the delivery and accessibility of program-generated evidence and proof of concept to key stakeholders in the global development EdTech sector, including donors, policy makers, government officials, partner organizations and partner prospects.
  • Serves as a member of the EdTech Hub’s strategic leadership team, working closely with EdTech Hub’s Executive Director to proactively identify/design and execute against opportunities to expand the Hub’s visibility, eminence and impact on global and national levels, influencing the sector by creating opportunities for the Hub to lead, collaborate or participate in key publications or events.
  • Oversees a communications team responsible for high-volume production of technical outputs, out-bound communication channels (two websites, social media platforms, a blog, a burgeoning email program) events management, and IT support.
  • Ensures consistent messaging and brand across the Hub in all engagements and outputs through close cross-collaboration with all technical and service teams, reinforcing our integrated approach to research, innovation and technical assistance.
  • Directs stakeholder management and leverages the collective and individual value of the consortium to advance evidence-based decision-making in EdTech.
  • Integrates with R4D’s Education and Communications teams to provide insight into EdTech Hub’s collective impact in support of R4D as prime.
  • Directs the EdTech Hub’s impact communications strategy and strategic messaging in collaboration with the EdTech Hub’s management team, and passionately and nimbly manage all outward-facing communication, ensuring there is consistent messaging, branding, and language.

  • Create, disseminate and maintain a suite of impact communications collateral and assets that expertly demonstrate the use and access of EdTech Hub’s technical outputs to the world, as well as the effectiveness of the mission and investment in EdTech research, innovation and country engagement in order to encourage stakeholder adoption of evidence in decision making.

  • Oversee the development and dissemination/rollout of technical publications and collections of evidence that are eye-catching, intellectually stimulating, compelling, useful to impact-oriented audiences.

  • Manage, in collaboration with the EdTech Hub’s strategic leadership and delivery lead teams, editorial and events calendar to strategically roll out a variety of formal and informal content and publications over the course of the year, including flagship reports, donor reports, technical product and partnership launch/completion efforts, country engagement activities, and technical assistance milestones.

  • Develop ideas for new products, formats or channels that will best showcase the EdTech Hub’s research, advocate for policy uptake and systems change, and appropriately highlight the direct and indirect contributions/involvement of partners, funders and decision-makers.

Manage a three-member communications team specializing in content management, production and promotion, with additional part-time support for content and asset creation:

    • Serve as high-level editor and contribute as lead writer on content generated to promote the technical work and purpose of EdTech Hub on all communications channels, and lead on donor communications and requests.
    • Oversee the strategic direction and goals of EdTech Hub’s communications team and guide the team on objective and tactic setting to advance EdTech Hub, and in support of their personal and professional contributions to EdTech Hub.
    • Provide aspiration and practical guidance on the maintenance and evolution of EdTech Hub’s communications platforms to demonstrate continued growth and improvement in a fast-evolving world of communications and marketing opportunities, tactics and tools.
    • Oversee the team to manage, produce, and generate content on EdTech Hub’s website, blog, email program (e-newsletter) and social media accounts (Twitter and LinkedIn)
    • Oversee the workflow of external facing products from announcements to blogs to formal reports, liaising with authors and technical experts
      Set key performance indicators (KPIs) and work with the team to regularly measure outcomes and adapt plans according to data insights
    • Oversee and maintain the communications budget.

Identify and proactively pursue opportunities for EdTech Hub to engage in country, regional, and global for a likely to advance our mission of empowering decision-makers with evidence:

    • Support EdTech Hub staff across several organizations, disciplines, and time zones to communicate clearly, simply and accurately about their work
    • Identify and execute EdTech Hub’s participation or leadership of engaging and seamless virtual and face-to-face events, across many time zones and with diverse audiences
    • Manage and take advantage of both short- and long-lead opportunities that advance the mission of EdTech Hub
    • Participates fully as a member of R4D by contributing, assisting and participating in projects, activities, and initiatives as requested by R4D management.
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Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

Connect with Us​

Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

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