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Launched in March 2022, the EdTech Hub research portfolio represents the largest public-private investment in primary research around EdTech evidence in low- and middle-income countries to date. The nearly GBP 5.5-million-portfolio was commissioned to fill the evidence gap decision-makers grapple with when choosing EdTech implementations to support children, teachers, and school communities. 

A call for expressions of interest was issued in Summer 2021 where 104 proposals were received. EdTech Hub, with external review provided by experts in the field, selected four externally led studies for the current portfolio, with nine additional studies led by EdTech Hub. Additionally, more than GBP 150 thousand in on-the-ground ‘sandbox’ trials in-county will complement select research studies, offering real-time evidence and feedback.

The research portfolio is designed to address some of the most pressing topics in EdTech today, including data for decisions, digital personalised learning, girls’ education and technology, participation and messaging, and teacher continuous professional development. Using EdTech Hub’s local reach capabilities, the studies will focus on Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania.  

The studies and sandboxes are being conducted by, and in partnership with, nearly 20 institutions, including universities, non-profits and foundations, private enterprises, and governments. The work will be conducted over the next two to three years, during which time interim findings, research methodologies, trending topics, and more will be shared and discussed publicly via EdTech Hub channels. 

Research portfolio at a glance

Our studies

Designing for Scale: Understanding design principles and learning process for a technology-supported personalised learning platform in Kenya
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Digital Personalised Learning to Improve Literacy and Numeracy Outcomes in Kenyan Classrooms
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The Impact of GIS-Supported Teacher Allocation in Sierra Leone
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The Impact of a Tech-Supported, School-Based Teacher Continuous Professional Development Model on Learning Outcomes in Tanzania
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Raising Readers: Kenya schools’ use of technology to improve parent and caregivers’ engagement and literacy learning
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Optimising Messaging to Promote Returns to School in Ghana for Marginalised Learners
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Technology to Empower Actors Across the Learning Ecosystem
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3Mpower-Mobile Learning for Empowerments of Marginalised Mathematics Educators
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Testing Optimisations to Phone-Based Education Delivery
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Improving Literacy, Social-emotional Learning and Gender Attitudes for Early Child Learning Through Edutainment
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Low-Tech Personalised Learning to Improve Girls’ Education in Kenya
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Using Technology to Improve Education for Marginalised Girls: Lessons in implementation from the Girls’ Education Challenge
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How do EdTech solutions spread? Understanding system level factors impacting the implementation and scale of EdTech innovations in Bangladesh
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Partners to date

We are proud to be working in partnership with universities, non-profits, foundations, private enterprises and governments.-

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