Covid-19, EdTech, and Survey Alignment in Education

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This report provides a thematic analysis of surveys that were used during the first few months of the Covid-19 response in low- and middle-income contexts and suggests a list of research questions related to education that could be used across surveys to strengthen alignment and comparability. 

Key themes

A review of surveys led to the identification of five themes and fifteen second-level themes. The five main themes identified in the surveys were: support, challenges, school-reopening preparations, Covid-19 household experiences, and government responses to Covid-19 education challenges. The second-level themes included, for example, support for learning, support for adults, parenting and EdTech obstacles.

Identifying these themes led to a set of common research questions that could be explored using the surveys, which were then shortlisted down to nine questions that were considered as most relevant for future research. These are:

  1. Which educational technology did children in your household use the most while schools were closed?
  2. In what types of education or learning activities have the children been engaged since the schools closed?
  3. What are the main reasons children in your household are not spending more time on education during this time, while schools are closed?
  4. If your child falls under one of  [these learner status] categories, has he or she received additional support?
  5. Do you think it will be practical for students and staff to adopt the following [hygiene and safety practices] when schools return? 
  6. Rate the following strategies for catching up on missed time in school (Rating scales 1–5 for each sub-item) 
  7. In your opinion, what is the main action that your school can take to ensure that students come back to school after the Coronavirus crisis?
  8. To what extent do you consider your school has the necessary handwashing facilities to prevent resurgence / spreading of the virus when schools reopen?
  9. If the need for social distancing remains when schools reopen, what is the best way this could be implemented in your school?
Further analysis

Further analysis of more surveys will be undertaken in order to further identify research gaps and opportunities. The presentation of standardised survey questions to conduct a comparative analysis of responses in low- and middle- income countries will be continually reviewed and adapted to ensure that data is being collected in the areas of most need.

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