The Impact of a Tech-Supported, School-Based TPD Model on Learning Outcomes in Tanzania

In partnership with Aga Khan University and Tanzania Institute of Education

Country: Tanzania | Topic Area: Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD)

Project summary

The study researches effective and cost-effective sustainable, technology-supported, decentralised, and school-based Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD) models to improve learning outcomes in rural primary schools in Tanzania. The study employs a design-based implementation research (DBIR) approach in the first phase, and a cluster randomised control trial (RCT) in the second phase. The RCT will test three different comparison groups aiming to assess the added value of technology, comparing the same school-based TCPD model with and without mediation by tech provided at school level and against business-as-usual, including measuring cost-effectiveness.

Research questions
  • What are the benefits and shortfalls of the tech-supported, school-based TCPD model over the TCPD model without school-level technology mediation?
  • What are the most effective and cost-effective models for using digital technology at scale in school-based TCPD to improve learning outcomes for learners in rural primary schools in Tanzania?
  • If a particular model proves successful, what are the recommendations for rolling out tech-supported TCPD nationally?
Key partners
    • Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) — Has been strongly involved in the development of the TCPD plans and materials and also in ensuring that the study aligns with the national plans.
    • Aga Khan University – Institute for Educational Development, East Africa (AKU-IED, EA) — Co-leading the research process and providing Tanzania-specific TCPD expertise and alignment with Foundations for Learning (F4L) project.
    • Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) — Supporting research and alignment with Foundations 4 Learning (F4L).
    • President’s Office — Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) — Main implementers of the TCPD intervention and ensuring that the study aligns with the national plans.
Study contacts

Prof. Sara Hennessy, Principal Investigator — Contact Sara

Dr. Taskeen Adam, Co-Investigator and Senior Research Lead — Contact Taskeen

Saalim Koomar, Qualitative Research Lead

Prof. Fredrick Mtenzi, Head of Research, AKU-IED, EA

Dr. Winston Edward Massam, Assistant Professor, AKU-IED, EA

Dr. Fika Mwakabungu, Director of Curriculum Training at the Tanzania Institute of Education, TIE

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