Low-Tech Personalised Learning to Improve Girls’ Education in Kenya (led by M-Shule)

Country: Kenya | Topic Area: Personalised learning | Girls education

Project summary

The use of low-tech SMS messaging for education has grown in recent years, particularly recently as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. SMS can be cost-effective, while personalised learning can be beneficial for girls. However, the empirical evidence base for such interventions is currently extremely limited, and further research is needed to understand observations in practice and how they can be enhanced to further improve learning outcomes and the design of programmes. This study will use a rigorous, sequential mixed-methods research design undertaken in partnership with M-Shule, a Kenya-based SMS-based personalised learning platform.

Research questions
  • How effective is this form of EdTech in improving learning outcomes?
  • Do the experiences of girls and boys differ when taught through this form of EdTech, and why is this the case?
  • How can messages be designed in order to further enhance girls’ learning outcomes and support caregivers?
  • How cost-effective is this form of EdTech?
Key partners

M-Shule — Implementing and research partner 

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