Designing for Scale: Understanding design principles and learning process for a Technology-supported personalised learning platform in Kenya (led by the Oppia Foundation)

Country: Kenya | Topic Area: Digital Personalised Learning (DPL)

Project summary

This study seeks to understand how numeracy and literacy learning occurs on a technology-supported personalised learning (TSPL) platform and the role of facilitation, design principles and social interactions in the learning process. The study evaluates an offline TSPL platform accessible on low-cost mobile phones in an afterschool setting in Kenya. The study design uses a design-based research methodology, and mixed methods approach to generate rigorous evidence on designing an effective TSPL intervention for maximising learning outcomes and feeds into the design of a large-scale, causal inference study planned for the future. This study also explores how learning on a TSPL platform can support the scale-up of the well-established Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) methodology.

Research questions
  • How does learning occur on a technology-supported personalised learning platform?
  • Can technology-supported personalised learning platforms be used to implement/scale a Teaching at the Right Level approach?
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Study contacts:

Dr. Akanksha Bapna, Principal Investigator — Contact Akanksha

Dr. Christina Myers, Co-Principal Investigator — Contact Christina

Namrata Sharma, Research Officer

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