Focus country: Bangladesh


Focus country

EdTech Hub works in six focus countries (Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Tanzania) to conduct research, support governments, and support scale-up of EdTech programmes.  

Credit: Primary Schools in Bangladesh to Go Digital, Reaching 20 Million Students

Data from 1. Worldometers, 2021, 2. DataReportal, 2020 3. GSMA, 2020

EdTech Hub activities in Bangladesh

Technical assistance to design a remote learning theory of change

In Bangladesh, EdTech Hub is supporting various government agencies and development partners in collaboratively designing a theory of change for remote learning. 

An EdTech Hub team is analysing program design documentation and convening workshops to gain insight into the design of Bangladesh’s remote learning interventions. 

EdTech Hub Helpdesk: Aiding policy design, implementation and monitoring

Through our Helpdesk, EdTech Hub has delivered a number of technical briefs designed to inform decisions about education policy design, implementation and monitoring, particularly as they relate to supporting the most marginalised children. 

These briefs include:

Covid-19 research grant: Impact of IRI based mobile lessons on educational outcome of primary graders: A randomized controlled trial in rural Bangladesh

The aim of the of this research is to explore  the impact of interactive radio instruction-(IRI) based mobile lessons on educational outcome of primary graders in partnership with the Monash Business School at Monash University

Covid-19 research grant: Integration of Technology in Education for Marginalized Children in the Urban Slums of Dhaka City during the COVID-19 Pandemic This research will explore how technology can support education for marginalized children in urban slums in partnership with Beyond Peace

Country-level research review

This upcoming report will explore the state of EdTech research in Bangladesh identifying key findings and gaps to be addressed.

Our partners in Bangladesh

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