Campaigning for Caregiver Engagement in Education in Kenya 🇰🇪

📅 Oct 2020 – ongoing

What combination of messaging and learning content will most effectively support caregivers to engage in children’s learning at home?

Generating evidence in the following areas:
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The Problem

Covid-19 school closures have impacted hundreds of thousands of learners in Kenya and are expected to lead to significant learning loss. This is particularly true for the most marginalized learners, who may not have access to any distance learning resources or instructional materials.

The goal of the #KeepKenyaLearning campaign is to set clear expectations for parents and caregivers of what learning at home should look like, and provide them with access to digital and non-digital resources to support those learning experiences. Leveraging a wide network of over 30 Kenyan EdTech providers and community based education organizations, this campaign will curate learning content, disseminate it to caregivers through both on and offline channels (TV, print, radio), and foster a conversation that will allow parents and caregivers to showcase innovative ways in which they are supporting learning at home.

What we’re doing
EdTech Hub and the leaders of KKL are in the early stages of this Sandbox and identifying the areas that we want to explore together. These are likely to include:
  • Understanding the needs and motivations of caregivers, and the extent to which they have the resources, time, and willingness to engage in their children’s learning at home.
  • Exploring the most effective ways to message the importance of caregiver engagement in education, as well as guidance on how caregivers can effectively engage.
  • Exploring the most effective communication channels (SMS, WhatsApp, Radio, TV) for disseminating “learning at home” resources for caregivers.
Get involved

If you are interested in contributing or finding out more about this Sandbox, get in touch with 

Evidence through implementation

You can read what we’re learning as we test, learn, and iterate during the Sandbox:

📝 Sprint One (coming soon)

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