Björn Haßler Technical Director


Brief info

Role: As Technical Director of EdTech Hub I provide overall technical leadership, explore technical challenges, and ensure excellence of our activities and outputs — including exercising foresight and ‘horizon scanning’ — guiding the Hub’s technical agenda.

Background:  I am an impatient optimist, passionate about Global Public Goods, open development practices and work-based learning, pushing the boundaries of digital technology (Internet of Things, GIS, Machine Learning, etc.), all for impactful research and education programming — empowering teachers and supporting equity and inclusion for children. I am a visiting researcher at the Faculty of Education (UJ). I care about social justice, decolonisation and #BLM. [he/him/his]

Fun Fact: My most popular publication has had several hundred thousand views. Unfortunately it’s a random picture of a bread aisle in a supermarket.

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