Gill Francis

University of Cambridge

Brief info

Role: As a research associate with EdTech Hub, I work on diverse projects including a rapid evidence review, meta-analysis, and systematic literature review. Additionally, my expertise extends to primary research as well as the use of big data to study children with typical and atypical development. I apply advanced quantitative research methods to investigate children’s cognitive processes (e.g., thinking skills, reasoning), and learning,  language development, mental health, and behaviour (e.g., play).

Background: I completed PhD and MPhil degrees in Psychology & Education at the University of Cambridge, and a BEd in Educational Assessment at the University of the West Indies. I also worked for ten years as a qualified school teacher. Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of York (ESRC, WRDPT) and also consult on the development of the World Bank’s TEACH secondary classroom observational tool.

Fun Fact: I am featured as a ‘Play Researcher’ in a children’s book entitled ‘Fantastic Jobs in Science and how to Get Them’ written to encourage children to aspire towards diverse careers in science, like academia. 

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