Laila Friese


Brief info

Role: I am the Hub’s internal copy-editor and part of the Communications team. I help get our outputs – internal and external, including our Quarterly Reports – ready for publication or finalising. I work closely with Jacques Nylinkindi and Jennifer Simmons Kaleba, and also help out with Zotero queries and updating our style guides and templates.

Background: In addition to working for the Hub, I also work as a translator from German and Russian into English. I have worked as an editor and translator for over 20 years and also taught English as a Foreign Language for a few years. My specialisms were and are creating and managing the publication of educational materials for learners of English, as well as working on Teacher Training materials, including digital products and courses for Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment.

Fun Fact: When I was studying Russian, the dissident and last president of Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel, came to London University to give a talk. There was a scrum of admirers and I asked for an autograph – he drew me a heart in red pen! I'm sure I still have it – must find it ...:)

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