Lea Simpson Innovation Director


Brief info

Role: I am the Hub’s Director of Innovation. It’s my job to turn evidence into innovation by scaling the best education technology. I work with colleagues across the Hub to implement evidence and learn-by-doing with partners on the ground in Sandboxes. I love taking things from paper to prototype to scale in the real world, learning and adapting plans as needed and exploring business model innovation to ensure sustainable growth. 

Background: I’m a tech optimist who has spent the past two decades in the intersection of tech and innovation. In that time I’ve had my own startups, raised venture capital a couple of times and designed, launched, and scaled tech for partners, clients, and alongside grantees. I’ve had the great privilege of working globally from California to Kathmandu and enjoy blending the best bits to make positive impact in the world. 

Fun Fact: My parnter Nik is currently infatuated by his EdTech ‘x day streak’ on Duolingo, proof that even the most hardcore nerds can’t help but fall under the spell of gamification.

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