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EdTech Hub develops and delivers evidence in EdTech. We work in partnership with researchers and stakeholders to find solutions to education challenges. Our topic areas include: Data for Decisions, Digital Personalised Learning (DPL), Girls’ Education & Technology, Participation & Messaging and Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD).

In Ghana, we focus on Data for Decisions and Participation & Messaging.

Learn more about our projects and programmes in our other focus countries: Bangladesh, Kenya, PakistanSierra Leone, Tanzania.

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EdTech Hub activities in Ghana

Where We Work - Ghana

Ghana has a strong commitment to providing meaningful educational opportunities to all children. Ghana’s longstanding free education policy has resulted in high enrolment rates and reduced traditional barriers to education.  With the support of stakeholders such as the World Bank and FCDO, the Ghanaian government is now focusing on further reforming its education system to improve learning outcomes, tackle issues relating to access to learning, learning inequality, gender and disability and also to support teacher capacity improvements.  

EdTech Hub is working with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to understand how best education technology can support national education reform ambitions. 

Data for Decisions

What is Data for Decisions? Technology to advance data use and decision-making.

The challenge facing the education sector: Education systems often lack data, or struggle to apply what it tells them, when making choices about how to allocate resources or developing policy. This contributes to inefficiencies which tend to affect the most marginalised students and their learning disproportionately.

And so we ask: How can technology be used to improve data collection, analysis and planning to improve learning outcomes?

Participation & Messaging

What is Participation & Messaging? Technology to promote participation in school.

The challenge facing the education sector: A significant number of children are out of school worldwide and this situation has been exacerbated by the impact of Covid-19. Many of the most marginalised who were previously enrolled in schools are at risk of never returning.

And so we ask: How can nudge technologies and messaging apps be used to re-engage students, reduce the number of out-of-school children, and improve learning outcomes?

Other EdTech Topics

Introducing our Research Portfolio

Thirteen studies exploring some of the most pressing design, implementation and analysis questions facing the EdTech community today.

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Discover our Helpdesk

EdTech Hub supports education decision-makers to incorporate the latest globally informed, locally relevant knowledge and evidence into choices related to EdTech.

FCDO Education Advisers, World Bank staff and UNICEF staff who work closely with ministries of education in low- and middle-income countries can request and receive short-term, discrete support from the EdTech Hub Helpdesk.

We work with requesters to support the “what” and “how” of EdTech-enabled approaches. We seek approaches that are evidence-based, contextually appropriate, realistic to implement, and cost-effective.

If you can’t submit a Helpdesk request, you can still get answers. We’ve summarised the findings from previous Helpdesk requests for you to explore.

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