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EdTech Hub develops and delivers evidence in EdTech. We work in partnership with researchers and stakeholders in-country to find specific, effective solutions to education challenges.

Malawi is working to close significant gaps in education provision, some of which have existed for some time, while others have been brought about by disruptions caused by emerging issues. Despite these challenges, the government intends to improve learning by establishing an education sector plan (2020-2030) with the primary goal of improving the quality and relevance of education provided to learners.

Malawi’s primary goal is to improve foundational learning outcomes, including basic literacy and numeracy, through strong support and investment in improvement of national literacy and numeracy instruction.

The plan aligns well with EdTech Hub’s priorities in improving learning outcomes. Moving forward, EdTech Hub’s country engagement team will look for ways to partner with the ministry, donors, and implementers to support them in effectively leveraging technology within these programmes. For example, in optimising their teacher professional development.

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Digital Personalised Learning

Teacher Continuous Professional Development

EdTech Hub is currently conducting design-based implementation research to support the refinement of school-based teacher learning circles under the National Numeracy Programme

Research • Ongoing

As part of the National Steering Committee on Foundational Learning, EdTech Hub is supporting the government to coordinate the design and delivery of teacher professional development interventions for early-grade literacy and numeracy teachers

Research • Ongoing

Other EdTech Topics

Interventions to Digitalise Education Service Delivery

As part of the National Steering Committee on Foundational Learning, EdTech Hub is supporting the government to coordinate interventions to digitalise education service delivery.

Our contacts in Malawi

Country Engagement Lead – Chris McBurnie

Innovation Lead – Daniel Plaut

Technical Director – Björn Haßler KoA

Analyst – Charity Kanyoza

Researcher – Andre Correa

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EdTech Hub supports education decision-makers to incorporate the latest globally informed, locally relevant knowledge and evidence into choices related to EdTech.

FCDO Education Advisers, World Bank staff and UNICEF staff who work closely with ministries of education in low- and middle-income countries can request and receive short-term, discrete support from the EdTech Hub Helpdesk.

We work with requesters to support the “what” and “how” of EdTech-enabled approaches. We seek approaches that are evidence-based, contextually appropriate, realistic to implement, and cost-effective.

If you can’t submit a Helpdesk request, you can still get answers. We’ve summarised the findings from previous Helpdesk requests for you to explore.

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