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EdTech Hub develops and delivers evidence in EdTech. We work in partnership with researchers and stakeholders in-country to find specific, effective solutions to education challenges.

We work closely with government partners in Tanzania to identify ways in which EdTech might improve education outcomes and strengthen the education system. This includes supporting the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE), the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST) to design a new “tech-enabled” teacher professional development model, grounded on in-school communities of learning. 

We are also working to support the Tanzania government’s efforts to collect and utilise education systems data to inform decision making, as well as the Zanzibar government’s efforts at implementing a “virtual learning environment” to help them disseminate educational content. Learn more about our work in Tanzania here. 

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EdTech Hub supports education decision-makers to incorporate the latest globally informed, locally relevant knowledge and evidence into choices related to EdTech.

FCDO Education Advisers, World Bank staff and UNICEF staff who work closely with ministries of education in low- and middle-income countries can request and receive short-term, discrete support from the EdTech Hub Helpdesk.

We work with requesters to support the “what” and “how” of EdTech-enabled approaches. We seek approaches that are evidence-based, contextually appropriate, realistic to implement, and cost-effective.

If you can’t submit a Helpdesk request, you can still get answers. We’ve summarised the findings from previous Helpdesk requests for you to explore.

Our partners in Tanzania

Tanzania Institute of Education
Presidents office Regional and Local Government Tanzania

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Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

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