The Sandbox Method

Sandboxes work alongside the Hub’s other in-country offers to change the way decisions are made about technology in education. Our aim is for decisions to be made based on both rigorous academic evidence and real-time evidence directly informing implementation.

The sandbox process is designed to help generate that real-time evidence. We draw on methodology like lean impact and user-centred design to get to learning as fast as possible to make interventions as robust as possible.

EdTech Hub have developed the Sandbox Handbook as a guide to implementers looking to test and scale EdTech interventions in this way.

Don’t feel that you have to follow this handbook to the letter. Instead, we hope it can inspire and guide you to take a more iterative and evidence-informed approach to implementation.

Tools to help you kick-start your sandbox

  • This tool provides a non-exhaustive list of ways to design and run experiments
  • This tool aims to help you get started with ways to design for innovation behaviors or mindsets and make them stick

The 6 mindsets you’ll need

Alongside the methods, you’ll need the right mindset to conduct this kind of work. We have developed these 6 Mindset Posters with the Sandbox Community – a group of entrepreneurs and innovators that are currently running or have run a sandbox with the Hub.

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Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

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