Taskeen Adam


Brief info

Role: I lead the Hub’s research in Tanzania in addition to providing technical assistance. I also respond to Helpdesk requests from decision-makers and I contribute to topics such as virtual learning environments, teacher professional development, structured pedagogy and building blocks for digital platforms. I am a steering group member of Unlocking Data, which focuses on unlocking education data to support decision-making. I support the development of the Hub’s learning products such as EdTechTools and EdDataTools.

Background: My PhD focused on addressing injustices in open and online education in South Africa which emphasised that historical injustices, cultural imposition, and economic dependence continue to play a role in education. I have also pioneered EdTech initiatives such as Solar Powered Learning in South Africa and Mobile Education for Smart Technology in India.

Fun Fact: Prior to my career in EdTech, I was a practicing electrical and electronic engineer in the field of mineral processing (in case you ever want to know about optimising flotation processes to recover platinum from its ore).

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