How to ensure EdTech interventions take into account the whole education system 

Technology exists within a broader system of factors that need to work together to make impact at scale. EdTech Hub has codified the system into 6Ps: people, product, pedagogy, policy, place, and provision.

EdTech programmes need to engage and integrate with all parts of the system in order to be successful. 

We have created the 6Ps Audit Tool to assess EdTech programmes and interventions, identify any gaps in the thinking and the areas of most uncertainty. 

6Ps Audit Tool
Proven Indicators of Good Pedagogy

How to use the 6Ps Audit Tool

  • Go through each ‘P’ and rate the EdTech intervention using the information in each of the levels (Level 1 – 4) 
  • Take time to discuss each ‘P’ individually, recognising that there will be overlap between them
  • Discuss the areas of biggest uncertainty (scoring the lowest), or places where team members have the biggest divergence in scores 
  • You can use the findings from this audit to articulate assumptions or critical beliefs within your intervention – what are you assuming to be true, if it’s not would it stop the intervention from having the desired impact? 
  • You can then design targeted experiments – activities that gather data to find out whether your assumptions about what it will take for this intervention to work are right or not. 

This is one tool that we use in the Sandbox Method. Read more about our approach here.

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