Celebrate National Learning and Development Month with EdTech Hub

At EdTech Hub, we continue to explore avenues where learners, decision-makers, and policymakers can benefit from the evidence we generate. We aim to offer a diverse set of resources that can enhance the everyday, real-life experiences of our readers. Through evidence, workshops, tools, and more, we encourage you to try something new, to continue learning and to develop your knowledge in education technology.

During National Learning and Development Month this October, we’re reminded of the vital role education plays throughout our lives. It’s important to recognise that education isn’t limited to children. Knowledge is timeless, and continuous learning is essential for human advancement. We will focus on sharing and promoting the work we are involved in within the field of EdTech, highlighting experiences and insights from our global work. Above all, our emphasis will be on showcasing initiatives that foster skill development and learning, for you, our dear community. 

Learning and Development Resources:
  • Free Writing Workshops for Emerging African Researchers in EdTech – Take a look at this series of writing workshops delivered in collaboration with e/merge Africa. This workshop series seeks to create and support a sustainable and critical community of emerging researchers, research practitioners, and academics in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on the field of education technology (EdTech). It also addresses issues relating to coloniality embedded in the field of EdTech and academic publishing systems and processes whereby epistemic orthodoxy systematically excludes non-Western epistemological, ontological, and methodological practices. Join us to challenge academic norms and explore inclusive research practices. Learn something new today!
  • Tools to Help with Teacher Professional Development – Explore our Curated Tools for Teacher Continuous Professional Development. We acknowledge the myriad of challenges that can emerge when choosing the right tools for teaching. We are here to help with that! Explore our curated list that comes with evidence-based advice on how best to use them. 
  • Tech-Supported Structured Pedagogy – How about a Tech-Supported Structured Pedagogy course? This is a choose-your-own-adventure guide to help you improve the process of classroom instruction. Learn more about the potential for technology to support structured pedagogy and how to apply novel ideas to your own work.
Uncover Your Learning Journey

As you explore these learning opportunities through our free resources, we hope these will prove fruitful for your own learning and development. As you engage with the resources we have shared, we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. What lessons or new insights have I gained?
  2. How can I apply these lessons in practical scenarios?
  3. Who can I share this newfound knowledge with?

Join the celebration of knowledge and growth, and don’t forget to spread the word! Stay connected with us by subscribing to our newsletter for more updates.

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Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

Connect with Us​

Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

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