Learning Brief Series

Made to help busy decision-makers enhance their EdTech strategy

What's the learning brief series?

EdTech Hub’s learning briefs are a collection of practical, evidence-backed resources, made for people working to improve the use of technology in education.

Each brief brings together years of expertise from the leading players across the EdTech sector, and provides key answers to critical questions about implementation, strategy, cost, and use; saving you the time and effort. 

Read on for evidence made to be used, so the EdTech intervention works.

What makes our briefs different?

EdTech that shows
great promise

Years of knowledge
from leading experts

Made for decision-makers in
low- and middle-income countries

The learning brief series

How Can Participatory Methods Centre Teachers Within Education Policy?

How Can Implementers Apply Digital Personalised Learning in Schools?

How Can EMIS be Designed and Implemented in Ways That Make Them Useful?

What is ‘Nudging’ in Education and How Does it Contribute to Behaviour

How Can Decision-Makers Assess EdTech Interventions for Cost-Effectiveness to Enable Better Investments?

Who could benefit from reading these?

  • Education policymakers
  • Advocacy groups focusing on education policy in the Global South
  • Community leaders and influencers in EdTech
  • Donors and funding organisations in EdTech
  • Education technology companies
  • Government education ministries
  • Non-governmental organisations in education
  • Researchers

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Your questions answered

Please contact EdTech Hub if you have any questions about our learning brief series, or if you would like to share your ideas for new learning brief topics which would help you in your work.

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Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

Connect with Us​

Get a regular round-up of the latest in clear evidence, better decisions, and more learning in EdTech.

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