David Hollow Research Director


Brief info

Role: I’m a Director of Research in the Hub. I help make sure we build rigorous evidence that will have a long-term impact on education policy and practice. My particular responsibilities include coordinating the research activities, leading the ‘learners’ theme, and managing the Jigsaw-based team. 

Background: I got hooked on this work while doing a PhD on evaluating the impact of technology on primary level education in Africa (I did this from a Geography department - ask me why!). I finished this in 2010, established Jigsaw, and have spent the last decade leading education research studies in more than 20 countries. I am a passionate believer that high-quality, accessible research can make a positive difference in the world. I enjoy helping social impact organisations to be as effective as possible and I’m on the board of Refugee Support Network and Justice Defenders

Fun Fact: I got married in a cave in Cornwall.

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