Fast 5: Resources for EdTech decision-makers

Fast 5 is a new feature where our team curates EdTech Hub resources on popular or frequently asked topics in the sector.

Education decision-makers are expected to chart a course for EdTech implementation that is scalable and sustainable. But with an onslaught of options, being spoiled for choice in a land of endless variation and nuanced outcomes has significant disadvantages. Looking for a place to start? Check out our round-up of resources that touch on commonly considered sectors, methods, and applications.

1. Quick reads

  • Advice from the Helpdesk on reaching marginalised learners, supporting teachers, and more (web page)
  • EdTech and Covid-19: 10 things to know (report)
  • EdTech and Covid-19: lessons from around the world (blog with links to case studies from China, Indonesia, and other countries)

2. Rapid evidence reviews

3. More about EdTech & learners

4. More about EdTech & teachers

  • Characteristics of effective teacher education in LMICs (brief)
  • Best practice in pedagogy for remote teaching (report)

5. More about EdTech & systems

  • Monitoring distance education (brief)
  • Rolling out a national virtual learning environment (brief)

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