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EdTech Hub works in six focus countries (Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Tanzania) to conduct research, support governments, and support scale-up of EdTech programmes.  

"Students at primary school" by World Bank Photo Collection license: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

EdTech Hub activities in Sierra Leone

Technical assistance to the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI).

EdTech Hub is supporting the newly formed Delivery Unit in the MBSSE, which aims to strengthen the government’s capacity to implement education policy priorities. In particular, EdTech Hub has supported the MBSSE with the development of the One Tablet Per School data management system. This system will collect teacher registration data, student enrolment information and daily teacher and student attendance records. In the first phase of technical assistance, EdTech Hub worked with the MBSSE to apply a problem-first and user-centered approach to design the programme. In the second phase of technical assistance, EdTech Hub collaborated with the government to test the system in 40 schools.

Separately, EdTech Hub has partnered with the TSC and the World Bank to develop a technology-supported, school- and cluster-based teacher professional development programme. The initiative will apply the Hub’s sandbox methodology to test and adapt the model which aims to improve foundational learning outcomes.

Prior to these engagements, EdTech Hub conducted user research to inform the next iteration of the MBSSE and DSTI’s Education Data Hub. Findings from this research have been featured in the MBSSE’s inaugural policy e-book.

Rising Academies partnership

Our partnership supported the expansion of the Rising On Air initiative: a 20-week programme of radio scripts and SMS content made freely available to organisations around the world. In particular, we supported:

  1. The expansion of the web portal for access to all content in English, French and Arabic
  2. The establishment of a community of practice to connect organisations with an interest in radio-based education programming
  3. The development of a ‘how-to-guide’ on implementing and evaluating radio programmes

Covid-19 research grant: Rising On Air This research will explore the impact of interactive audio content on student learning and teacher knowledge with Rising Academies

Covid-19 research grant: Learning from experience: a post-COVID-19 data architecture for a resilient education data ecosystem

This research will reconstruct data from the Annual School Census to explore longitudinal school-level trends and examine Sierra Leone’s data architecture with FabInc

Country-level research review

EdTech Hub conducted a review of the state of EdTech research in Sierra Leone, identifying key findings and gaps to be addressed. Read the report here.

Our partners in Sierra Leone

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