T4 Education has released the findings from their spring survey of more than 20,000 teachers from 165 countries on the experience of teaching in the Covid-19 pandemic. EdTech Hub analyzed the data on behalf of T4 Education. The findings were surprising, confirming, unsettling and, in some cases, affirming: Download the report to dig into the findings, read real teacher stories…

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EdTech Hub has been supporting education sector stakeholders in Bangladesh over the last year to make effective, evidence-informed decisions about the use of EdTech. a2i plays a key role in shaping Bangladesh’s vision for its future of learning and EdTech Hub is proud to partner closely with Anir Choudhury, ai2 policy advisor, and all of the a2i team. Read more…

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A teacher engaging with a vi learner using Orbit Reader 20

Governments all over the world have closed learning institutions because of the Covid-19 pandemic, including in Kenya. This has exacerbated the global learning crisis and made it more difficult for teachers, parents, and caregivers to include children with disabilities in quality education. To ensure learners with disabilities were not left behind during Covid-19 school closures, eKitabu partnered with EdTech Hub…

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Implementing a virtual learning environment is a challenge in any situation. But how do you implement one in a country with few resources, lacking technological infrastructure, and no experience with virtual learning? In response to Covid-19, Zanzibar is planning to implement a virtual learning environment (VLE) to complement its print-, radio-, and TV-based distance education programmes. In Zanzibar, an autonomous…

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In the initial rush to respond to school closures, countries focused on rolling out distance education. Policy-makers now realise that effective distance education requires robust data generated via high-quality monitoring. This blog highlights the findings of a brief synthesising effective practices in monitoring distance education.  Since March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted 36 million learners in Bangladesh. Schools closed…

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